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None of them.

I might look at their results, but don't think one is better.


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It is always better to use your experiance with particular product.
I like AV-Compare but Virus bulletin is always good because it stand since long time.But now you have to sign up to see some part of result but you can see archieve which is also good.
Have a look at this too :


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None of them,
They used to be based on Independence but not are based on money and influenced by the AV vendors themselves since they provide most of the revenue to support them.

None of them are reliable.

Thanks. :D
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I agree with Little Bits.

It sucks that it has to all come down to whoever is willing to pay the "testing company" the most money will get the number one spot. I personally used to trust these websites. But since joining this forum I have learned that a lot of the are just plain lies. It's better to just test out the products for yourself and judge for yourself since everyone has different opinions and browsing habits.


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I have no preference, I read them with a grain of salt. They do, however, provide a bit of entertainment value as the fanboys of each product tested go to town with the results.
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