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Earth said:
Both BitTorrent and uTorrent include OpenCandy Adware, so be careful if you plan to use the latest versions.

tapoo said:
Wow!!! no one is using BitTorrent !!!!
Vuze has Spigot which is much worse than OpenCandy-

Enjoy!! :D


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Always used uTorrent, but recent update contained open candy so I've dumped it, been checking out other software.

Quite like qBittorrent, Frostwire sounds interesting, Tixati looks like a nightmare :D would prefer to stick with uTorrent, but as the consensus in the comments suggests, it's not what it was :(


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Currently i'm using qBittorrent, its GUI is very nice and it's simple to use.
it's the fastest one in downloading speed compared to others i tried (utorrent, vuze, bittorrent).

I often use FreeDownloadManager on classical browser downloads


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Transmission for life, on Windows 7 and Debian. It's fast, no bloatware, no ads, it supports DHT (which is a good thing), and if you want you can read its source code.


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Been using BitTorrent since forever. I really don't give a damn about the adware and bloatware so it's fine with me.
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