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Recommendation/Suggestion for Free VPN/Proxy Chrome/Firefox Browser Extension plzz.

How is Hotspot Shield Browser Extension?
Currently I m using Chrome Extension Hotspot Shield.

As per Hostspot Shield Blogs -
Hotspot Shield Adds Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Features for Hotspot Shield Chrome and Firefox Extensions

  • Completely FREE, No Ads, No logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Simple UI and easy to use (Big On/Off button)
  • Various Virtual Locations available: United States, Netherlands, Canada France and Denmark
  • Optimize your connection speed. Choose the globe icon in Virtual Location options to connect to the Virtual Location that gives you the fastest connection speed
  • Hides your real location and online activities
  • Encrypts and protects your browser traffic
  • Gives you unlimited access to sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Steam, Amazon, Yahoo Screen, Instagram.
Because it’s completely free, there’s no signing in with the Hotspot Shield browser extensions. The extensions provide the same features for all of its users.

How different is it from Hotspot Shield Android, iOS, Windows and Mac apps
The Chrome and Firefox extensions have the same basic features as other Hotspot Shield clients—they hide your IP, unblock content, encrypt your traffic, and secure your browsing sessions.

The difference is that your online activities outside of your browser are not protected by the Hotspot Shield extension. While the Hotspot Shield standalone apps protect all traffic received and sent from a device, the Hotspot Shield extension will only secure and encrypt your browser’s traffic. So if you Skype with someone, your Skype connection will not be protected by the Chrome extension. For full protection, we highly recommend using your Hotspot Shield desktop and mobile app, so all your internet traffic gets protected.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use solution just for your browser, then the Hotspot Shield Chrome or Firefox extension is for you!
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I use a VPN as my main tool, I have a premium account for cyberghost. I really like it, it provides good speeds and a reliable connection. You can try out their free servers but you won't get the speed and the other features such as P2P and other malicious site blocking with it.

If you are looking for a browser extension I use Zenmate for quick access to blocked sites. It's relatively fast but of course not as fast as my paid cyberghost account. However you can purchase a premium account for zenmate as well and it should give you higher speeds with more servers to choose from. As a free account you can choose from several servers as well (Hong Kong, Germany, Romania and United States). For me it's a really good choice because I have done leak tests on it and find that it doesn't reveal your real IP or DNS server while connected so it's a really good tool to use if you want to hide yourself.

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My main browser is Chrome. And sometimes I use alternate browser portable IceDragon from Comodo.

I tried Zenmate on IceDragon. It seems good. And free version with no sign-in required.

I tried Zenmate on Chrome. After install I get notification from Windows 10 that Zenmate background process added & will run even after closing Chrome? I checked taskmanager - processes & couldn't find Zenmate background process?
And also on Chrome Zenmate require sign-in & you get free trial for 7 days & then will be converted to free version. Dont understand why not like Firefox i.e no sign-in free version directly without trial?


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Surfeasy - Homepage
I am very happy with it. Good speed, servers are in Canada (not usa :)), but a 500mb limit in the free edition (which is not a problem for me personally).
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Proxy Browser Extension dose not Give you the same protection as a VPN
Browser Extensions can leak Your IP Address ,Your RTCPeer Connection and your DNS Address
if need a free one try vpngate it will give you better protection than a Browser Extension.



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Best VPN according to Ghacks

When it terms of speed then definitely everything are varies considerig the server will go through slow speeds.

Anything VPN can satisfy to access block sites, just check their privacy policy on how information are encrypted through program itself.


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Most VPN extensions that I have used, asked me to sign up!:eek: I think an extension should work like "add extension then one click to activate". It's invasion of privacy in the name of protection of privacy!:rolleyes:

Zenmate is one of the best VPN extensions.
Hola VPN is still number one among VPN extensions in terms of number of users, even after this farce http://lifehacker.com/hola-better-internet-sells-your-bandwidth-turning-its-1707496872
DotVPN is very popular on MT, with some negative reviews recently on Google chrome store.
Unlimited free VPN by betternet gets decent reviews too
Courtesy of @kev216 now I know surfeasy has a chrome extension too, still not very popular though, but it's worth a try.
Other popular extensions are Cyberghost, TunnelBear, GomVPN to name a few

You should know what you're looking for in a VPN extension; free vs. premium, not logging, locations of servers, kill/switch, speed, P2P....
And of course you should know that Chrome's webRTC would reveal your IP VPN users on Chrome and Firefox no longer anonymous due WebRTC

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cyberghost = slow, unless you have the premium version.
Hotspot shield = ad-based , so no thank you.
Zenmate = browser based so useless to me.

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I am from India. Recently either government policy or ISP themselves have started blocking quite a few websites i.e either I get due to government order bla bla or err_connection timed-out.
I tried couple VPN/Proxy extensions & all the sites worked.

Zenmate - On Chrome Windows 10 mention Zenmate added background service, why? No other extension install added background service. Needs sign-in.
Hola - Couple reviews I read mention it uses P2P so uses users network/bandwidth. But Hola FAQ mention Hola browser extension uses Standard VPN & not uses P2P network, is this correct?
HideMyAss - Didn't like it. It shows HMA search & popup on the sites.
Hotspot shield - Shows Hotspot Shield window after Youtube video finishes. Dont know other sites.
Cyberghost - Didn't like it. Seems slow.
BrowserSec - Didn't like it. Dont remember why?
DotVPN - Needs sign-in. Dont know if ads supported or not.

I am looking for unblocking sites, encryption, hide IP, no logging. I need this sometimes not often. And sometimes I do net banking & online shopping.

Zenmate looked good but background service for browser extension is kind of a let down. No other VPN extension added background extension. And Zenmate on Firefox didn't add background service so why on Chrome?

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Does browser extensions like Surfeasy, Tunnelbear, etc... that gives limited bandwidth monthly free gives the same speed or speed too is limited?