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"Showing load is useless. All our servers operate at <40% load. If it's higher, we get more servers in that location.
As for ping, we will see what we can do about adding a setting."

Also, someone said to me:
"We added the status page (Windscribe) for people that really like seeing this stuff. We will not pollute our apps with useless metrics."

I was wondering to hear about your thoughts here above the above sayings.

Why ProtonVPN Plus shows server load, and ExpressVPN doesn't?


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I mean that's the founder and main programmer of Windscribe. He sees all the metrics and whatever but I disagree. As a Windscribe Pro user I can feel the difference between a server at 10% load and 30-40% load. The difference between the unloaded and loaded ping becomes huge. Sites and streaming content take slightly longer to resolve and ramp up speed.
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