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Jul 27, 2023
Hey folks, I don't quite know if this is allowed but I'm hoping for some feedback on a tool my engineer and I have been tinkering with from y'all perspective. Happy to remove if it violates forum guidelines but in an effort to follow it, I didn't add any links.

Context: We're trying to solve a passkey adoption problem. Passkeys are asymmetric key pairs that protect against phishing and other credential attacks BUT a user is only able to use it if their device and browser supports FIDO2 WebAuthn. So during hackathon, we made this tool for devs that solves this challenge by presenting exactly what the UX looks like. Basically, it provides a JS snippet that when integrated on a site, will generate a report showing the number of users who are able to use passkeys (or not) and UX click-throughs of what their experience will be like.

If anyone in here wants to take a look, I would love to get some feedback or answer any questions!

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