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Antivirus Install Size

Another joke category. Who cares about that? It neither affects performance, nor did anybody ever ran out of disk space because his AV took up 300 - 1.000 MB. Something they forgot to mention: if Webroot is monitoring a lot of stuff, the WRDATA folder in C:\ProgramData may grow to several GBs of space.

Antivirus Scan Times

Next joke category. Not only is it unimportant but the information in the picture is also wrong. A quick scan with Norton and Kaspersky doesn't take 20 minutes. Unless they have compared a quick scan of Webroot with full scans of Norton and Kaspersky, which is fraudulent in my opinion. Also you have to account for that each product has a different depth of examination, hence superficial products will always fare better here.


But the aforementioned categories are very important for Webroot and I can tell you why. They are categories at the PassMark performance test and are the major reasons for Webroot looking so good there. If you take a look at the important categories, which actually affect performance, you will see very little difference in comparison to the powerful programs, like ESET and Kaspersky, which do much more than just checksum scanning. Just take a look at browsing speed. Kaspersky, Norton and ESET are faster there even though they examine the http stream much more intensively than Webroot does. If they removed the joke categories like installation size, installation time, memory usage and scan time, the difference between Webroot and the programs that actually DO something would not be recognizable.
Q Antivirus Install Size:

Tiny Local App Jaroch explained that all the SecureAnywhere products are exactly the same file, with different features turned on based on which license key you use. Where most security suite installers weigh in anywhere from 60MB to well over 200MB, SecureAnywhere would fit on a floppy disk, so there's no reason to create separate versions.

Jaroch's team totally built the product from the ground up using raw C code. There are no embedded bitmaps, no visual tool libraries, no buttons. Every element of the user interface is rendered as needed.

"If you snap a screenshot of our product and save it as a bitmap, the screenshot will be bigger than the product itself," Jaroch said. Morris added that this minuscule local client leaves little "surface area" exposed to attack by malware. Note all versions from the same Download file.

Q2: like ESET and Kaspersky, which do much more than just checksum scanning.

According to Morris, this database, code named ENZO, can include as many as two million database rows for a single process.

Way more than checksum scanning!,2817,2392059,00.asp

Oh and your favorite Picture!

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Checksum Scanning??? people still build AVs that only rely on that??? Enzo is way more advanced than that lol.
To assist with your questions a little more,
1. I am a vary avid gamer myself and I run only Webroot at home on my pc and I have never ran into any issues.
2&3&4.Webroot's technology is able to monitor and react very quickly to any files that it has never seen before, because of the way that it runs in real time it is able to react to even zero day threats. You are more than welcome to run MBAE with it if you so choose. Because of the way the program is written you have the ability to run it alongside any other program you want.
5. 95% of the time, companies will have the default settings in a program set up as they should be. If you are comfortable with changing these settings and are aware of what can happen should you mess up then it is really up to you.
6.Webroot will add any programs to the identity shield that it feels it needs to, you shouldnt have to do so unless there is a certain program that you feel you want to adjust the settings for.
7. Yes, Webroot can and will detect keyloggers
8. Choice is really yours but as I said before, I run only webroot on my personal computer and it is used for not only gaming/everyday use but my teamspeak server and media servers.

Hope that helps you out with your questions more.