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Accountability. Transparency. Communication. Prevention.

Helping to prevent false positives and mis-rating of web sites, instead of merely retroactively addressing them

This is an effort to help slow, and document, the plague of false positives and mis-rated web sites that are harming countless small businesses every year. Some security companies do better than others, but never before has there been a place where false positives and mis-rated sites can be publicly reported. The security companies can then respond, fix the issue, then determine why it happened and work with the vendor to avoid it in the future. After all, once a false positive happens, damage is already done, so avoidance is paramount.

This is NOT about crucifying security companies. They have a terribly hard job. This site is about showing which companies are doing the best to avoid collateral damage. It is also intended to facilitate the mitigation of collateral damage when it occurs, and, through communication, help prevent collateral damage (FPs) from recurring. For instance, why did the FP or mis-rating occur? What can be done to avoid it in the future?

Also remember, public transparency and accountability will let consumers know which security companies care about the collateral damage they inflict. Is this not important in your purchasing decision? If not, it should be . By choosing carefully with whom you spend your money, YOU can help ensure companies behave ethically.
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I'm not sure I understand the point here...

So instead of reporting a false positive to the people that can actually do something about it, you instead report it to this website and hope that the developer of your security product comes to check this website and fix the FP? :s

Sounds like a bit of a roundabout and unnecessary step.