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Yes to this, or combine it with AVG Free. Lightweight and no ads if you block AVGUI in firewall. Lots of configuration options in AVG as well.
That's a good combo but to be honest we have to admit that if you have VS installed and some web extensions probably you doesn't need an AV.On the other hand, we all do it, because we are here on MT and we can't live without an AV:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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I actually ran Avast and Comodo together on a computer with slightly lesser specs than you have in your laptop. At the time, it had a dual core E2160 1.8 GHz and 2 GB with an IDE drive. Even had Avast in hardened mode and scanning everything on the fly. Comodo worked well for this, and alone it would be as good as possible for the dual core/4GB resource-wise, considering the full system is protected.
Laptop originally came with HDD, which started failing (surface errors) in 4th year of its use. I can only imagine how slow it would be if I continued to use HDD on it especially with today's browsers and security solutions.
I would feel protected with Standard User Account while browsing, working with documents, etc., with NVT ERP and secured browser with proper extensions, and of course, regular backups...
But that's just me. :geek:


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I have something similar and I have been using this program for a long time.

It's Comodo Firewall with the @cruelsister settings. with the Emsisoft extension for the browser.

Simple but very effective and runs well on W7(y)

Layering protection creates stress due to slowing down. The older the hardware configuration of the pc, the higher the level of difficulty in setting and selection. I think that comodo fw is not bad considering that it covers a range that is a single soft.


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I would not choose Kaspersky Free suites on low end systems even though it's great.
KSC provides probably the best protection for free, but performance is not really its domain. I really, really do not like, that they call it a cloud AV. Yes, it does have KSN, but virtually all other AVs have cloud capabilities, but that does not make it a cloud AV. I consider it a misleading advertising. :cautious: