I really like avast! but I have a free keycode for Webroot from Broncos (for 6 months). I removed avast! and installed Webroot, but I don't know if Webroot is a better AV than avast!. If you were in my shoes what would you choose, avast! or Webroot?

Thanks guys!
Well, I particularly like Avast! I have some friends who really like Sophos, but I've never had personal experience with them. I understand that they will actually send a technician to your home, if needed. I've tried some of the other AV name, and haven't liked any of them. So, again, my vote currently goes to Avast! :)


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My vote goes not only to ESET Nod32 but to whole ESET company. It is amazingly light on resources and well "hidden", it doesn't show you warnings and informations every second, update routine is automatic, you do not know when it updates, everything is made to work without any user interaction. You just set it for the first time and leave everything.

Second reason is level of detection and virus cleaning. They have very good detection and very good rate of finding new threats, I follow some infections every day in their base and they are very fast with adding new infections in their list. One more thing is huge number of tools to clean specific infections like Poweliks or Sirefef. These tools are updated often and ESET is very fast with releasing these tools when infection appears.

Do I need to mention anything else, I don't think so, this AV is my No.1


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It depends on how you behave in using computer, a non intrusive AV with basic protection (enough) which applicable for MSE/Windows Defender alongside of IE Smartscreen Filter, Windows Firewall and UAC (Vista to 8,1). ;)


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you want the best AV? choose it yourself, go though this list:
-free or not
-try the trial so you know the performance impact it has on your machine
-HIPS or no HIPS (inc sandboxing if you care about it)
-detection tests and results

good luck


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Mine would have to be Trend Micro. For some Trend isn't the best because people (like me at times) would like to go beyond the standard webfilter. As their detection rate is good but nothing compared to Avast and ESET and co. The best feature bout Trend is it's web guard. If you want a user to just use a PC and protect them. I would recommend Trend as most normal users would come to the "Dangerous page" and leave as that's what it says. Like me now whenever I want to go to a page that is dangerous I tend to jump on and open the Virtual Machine and do it in there.

But normally it comes down to personal preference. Been using Trend for years and have that still to this day protecting device I have.

Long live Trend? haha