Hot Take What do Proton users want the most? (Survey results)


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Jan 8, 2011
Source: Results of the 2024 Proton community survey | Proton

Most requested new service
The community’s most common request for a future Proton service, with 48%, is an online browser, followed by an encrypted chat app (33%) and an encrypted document editor (24%).

Proton Mail
59% of respondents want an easier way to send end-to-end encrypted emails to non-Proton users

Proton VPN
27% of respondents asked Proton VPN for better speed and performance in smaller and more remote countries

Proton Drive
55% of respondents want to save files from Mail to Drive, 46% want to edit and modify documents, 34% want to scan documents on mobile directly to the cloud, and 34% want to organize photos into shared albums

Proton Pass
52% of respondents want full access to Proton Pass in offline mode, 38% want the Pass apps to autofill bank card details, and 36% want designated spaces to store identity information

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