Serious Discussion What is UAC?

After reading this article, do you think UAC is useful or not , and will you enable it or not?

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It's worth it, that cant be denied... despite those minor inconveniences!

But due to those minor inconvenience that's why others tend to turn it off, in my case I don't really want it off just believed what was stated here TweakUAC for Windows Vista that it still works while in Quiet mode.

How often does one actually trigger UAC (consent.exe) during typical daily use ? - not very often - even with UAC set to "Always Notify."

The users that complain about UAC (I'm not saying you @Duotone - so don't take this reply the wrong way) are the ones who are actively doing things on their system that invoke UAC. So only for such users is UAC an "incovenience."

And UAC goes hand-in-hand with a Standard User Account\Limited User Account. There again, to a fault, some users will make the same objection - "A SUA\LUA is 'inconvenient.' "

The whole UAC debate, almost invariably, reaches a point where it is superfluous.

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added another very well made and "simpler to understand" article to the original post. Guess where it appears and who made it :p
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Aug 2, 2015
I am comfortable with mine set to "Minimal" or lowest setting with VooDoo Shield running,
but without VooDoo Shield mine would be set at maximum. PeAcE
Should have an option in the voting for "Custom" setting option :)
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