Advice Request What Is Your Favorite Audio/Video Players?

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Jan 28, 2018
Thanks for this. Just now I have switched to it as my main video player. UI wise there's a certain thing that I want in my video player and this one does that perfectly. It's kind of a silly thing, so I won't mention it.
Since it is basically based on the UI operated from the keyboard, I think that it is inferior to other software in terms of ease of use.

You can feel the advantage of this software when you want to change the playback speed while playing a video.
'Oh ?! I feel like the ufo was reflected in the sky for a moment!'
'The way this ghost disappears seems unnatural.'
The best player to watch such videos:)(y)🛸


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Apr 17, 2020
Bsplayer for video and winamp for audio (I know winamp is old and discontinued but never had and issues with it).
I still have winamp also but given up on it :( AIMP can have skins to give winamp feel....what I am using now!


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Sep 13, 2018
Well, this is for audio only. Very rarely, I use Movies and TV, it works fine for my purposes.

Lately, rather than storing my music files locally, I use the website (in this case: Bandcamp) I purchased the music from to both store and play the tracks. I can use Media Player as before but this is more efficient and convenient and involves fewer mouse clicks.

Also, though it might be totally imaginary, music sounds better via Edge versus Opera for some reason. Anyone else think so too?

Vincent Valentine

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Feb 8, 2018
Why not using Windows 10 Movie app? A lot more secure.
Also don't ever use any codec packs. I wonder why this is still a topic.
I had Microsoft movies & tv app before but removed it the problem was it only support few video formats don't have drag and drop function or add a play list while using it also resizing window was buggy. The good old windows media player is still better and has more functions.

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