Discussion Thread What is your view on Social Engineering Attacks targeting companies?


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Sep 14, 2023
They can come in all kinds, phishing, CEO fraud, BEC fraud and many more, by phone, by skype/slack, whatsapp etc.

Currently there are products and services that partially mitigates that risk, but no silver bullet.

With that being said, I think I may have some sort of silver bullet, more exactly a system that allows you to verify all requests coming from people and services you trust.

Social engineering attacks come in form of requests and by making sure that those requests are genuine, we can avoid being engineered.

What is your advice on that folks?


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Sep 9, 2023
This is my personal views or opinions ,and I can provide information on the topic.

Social engineering attacks targeting companies are a significant and concerning cybersecurity issue. These attacks exploit human psychology and manipulation rather than relying solely on technical vulnerabilities. Social engineers use various tactics, such as phishing emails, impersonation, pretexting, and baiting, to deceive employees or individuals within an organization into divulging sensitive information, clicking on malicious links, or performing actions that compromise security.

These attacks can have serious consequences for companies, including data breaches, financial losses, reputation damage, and legal and regulatory consequences. Employees are often the weakest link in an organization's security, and social engineering attacks prey on their trust, curiosity, or lack of awareness. Therefore, companies must invest in robust cybersecurity training and awareness programs to educate their staff about the risks associated with social engineering attacks and teach them how to recognize and respond to such threats.

Additionally, implementing strong security policies and measures, including multi-factor authentication, strict access controls, and regular security audits, can help mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks. Being proactive in addressing this type of threat is essential for companies to protect their sensitive information and maintain the trust of their customers and partners.
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Mar 13, 2022
You just can't help stupid... simple as that.

Other forms of Social Engineering come in advertorials, where a seemingly innocuous discussion is started by a couple of random dudes who submit some long-winded psycho-babble seeking opinions on a subject, only to swing in with an apparent solution.

The best way to deal with this is to ignore it! But, I prefer to hound them out of existence by keeping a really close eye on the discussion and quickly calling out any apparent BS.

Welcome to you both by the way.
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