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I don't think so, only Mail AV complement:


So You should create filtering rules (to manage and move messages) with OutLook according to these 2 labels that will be added to Your email messages:

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Let me suggest some things for you.
Why do you have "ABP" when you already have "uBlock Origin!" ABP is redundant here.
You don't need "Skip redirect" when you have "ClearUrls". It does the same and more.
You can get rid of "I don't care about cookies" by subscribing to the filter list with the same name.
"Privacy-Oriented Origin Policy" can be get rid off by modifying some about:config values.
I also think you don't need "StoragErazor" because "Cookie AutoDelete" has this feature.
"ScriptSafe" also seems unnecessary while you're using "uBlock Origin in Hard mode".
"Anti-Adblock Blocker" is not necessary if you use Nano Defender following this guide: Nano Defender
"Trace" is not necessary for Firefox when you have "Canvas Blocker" and other things that it does can be done by modifying about:config.
Trace, ScriptSafe and CanvasBlocker - for anti-fingerprints. They do have similar ones but some are ineffective and some need to be combined to be effective. Not enabling FF anti-fingerprint feature.
I do not care about cookies - I find the extension more effective than the filter
Cookie AutoDelete don't remove cookies in IndexedDB. Anyway I have replaced both by Forget Me Not now
uBO can have filters like Easy List, Easy Privacy List and Fanboy's etc but they belong to ABP so I just removed them from uBO and used them in ABP. BTW, with ABP social widgets can be cleaned better even if you enabled those similar ones in uBO
I'm not using Nano Defender so need to use Anti-Adblock Blocker and Fxck FxckAdblock filter
Skip Redirect vs ClearURLs - So far I have seen Skip Redirect in action but not ClearURLs

Like I mentioned reasons for so many extensions are

1) Some features are ineffective in an extension. These will be disabled after testing
2) Some need to be combined for an effective action. Only these are enabled
3) Some to cater to shortfall in FF itself. These are needed

I try not to enable settings in FF control panel as much as possible, and disable flag settings, so as to minimize the sending of telemetry back to Mozilla. And now I'm compartmentalizing my browsers and using FF as an everyday browser for general surfing WITHOUT signing in. I'll need to give it the best protection needed with FF flag settings as well.

Read here

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Simplify and limit your attack surface and you will get better results. Nothing is 100% secure, even miltary air-graped systems have been breached. If I was an attacker I would poison one of your many extensions (lots of choice), push an update that requires permissions to access everything and on wards to victory.