Question What programs do you use to disable telemetry and bloat in Windows 11?

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This evening I will be receiving my new laptop. In the past I have done all privacy and performance enhancing changes manually. I have seen post of programs (like O&O shutup) which perform these tweaks automatically. Therefor I am asking for recommendations for programs which helpt to streamline Windows 11, e.g.

- disabling telemetry (without breaking or reducing Windows security and updates)
- removing Microsoft store apps and games which come with every fresh Windows 11 installation
- disabling Windows services which educated home users don't need (e.g. like remote services and support)
- disabling "for your comfort" features like handwriting and voice recognition, Cortana, Co-pilot) which increase your data footprint at Microsoft
- removing bloat (e.g. gadgets and news features)

What is important for/to me is that those programs have a restore to default functionality in case something breaks and you need to find out what is causing it.

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Apr 21, 2016

For disabling telemetry and bloat in Windows 11, you can consider the following tools:

1. O&O ShutUp10: This program lets you disable various Windows features and settings, including telemetry, in a user-friendly manner. It also provides options to revert changes.

2. WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard): It's a powerful tool with a clean interface that allows you to adjust privacy settings, block telemetry, and disable unwanted services.

3. Privatezilla: It integrates the most critical Windows 10 privacy settings and allows you to quickly perform a privacy check against these settings.

4. CCleaner: While it's primarily a system cleaner, it also has a startup manager that can help you disable unnecessary startup items.

Remember to create a system restore point before making any changes, just in case something goes wrong.


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Jul 29, 2017
I am going to share my thoughts on this subject which I already know will not be a popular opinion..

1. Telemetry is useful for the developers for bug fixing. Disabling it, will not magically increase your privacy. Privacy is an illusion nowadays anyway.
2. You can uninstall MS store apps from the Settings. The ones you cannot uninstall are system apps and should stay where they are.
3. Disabling some Windows services is kind of ok for security reasons to reduce your attach surface but in the end not so important. Performance wise it is pointless, with a modern system you will notice no slowdowns if they are on.
4. Handwriting , voice recognition, Copilot, etc. if you don't use them, they will not have an impact to performance anyway.
5. Bloat is subjective. For some people Onedrive is bloat, for me it is an extremely useful feature which I use everyday.

To summarise, I do not see the point of apps and scripts to 'debloat' or 'customise' Windows, they will all at some point create issues.


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Apr 14, 2019
I use Wintoys that you can get from the Microsoft Store.

Experience Windows in your way and keep it fresh every day. Set up, debloat, optimize, repair, and tweak your operating system in a simple, time-saving, yet safe approach. Maintain it in a clean, healthy and productive state while having everything you need in one place.
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Jan 16, 2023
Sorry to say that but, it's impossible to turn off telemetry at 100% on regular Windows11/10 editions even i you set GPO telemetry on activate with a value of zero, the only editions where you can stop telemetry are Entreprise/Entreprise LTSC/IoT LTSC and maybe Education (the W11 LTSC coming soon).
All the tools are not strong enough to stop that telemetry + like @HarborFront said some PatchThuesday revert back some settings (GPO, registry) to default.
So if you don't want telemetry you'll have to use the right edition and tweaks again (GPO, registry, use for example Hardening Firewall, don't use edge , turn off cloud protection and sending samples of windows defender or use a third party AV).
After doing that you can check with specialized tool (eg Currports or something else), that telemetry is completly off.

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Most of windows bloat comes from 3rd party OEM's. Without telemetry how do you expect errors to be fixed?

Upon purchase of a new machine, the best method to ensure maximum performance is to wipe the drive, install a lean, clean version of windows without the 3rd party bloat, and of course new machines almost immediately need driver updates so this clean install is a chance to install the latest and greatest.
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Decided to only use O&O and regular uninstall and privacy feature of Windows. Additionally disabled some stuff through Group Policy (I have a Windows11 Pro now). So one say it is a mildly trimmed down Windows installation.

Thanks for all your recommendations (y)


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Jan 17, 2018
Decided to only use O&O and regular uninstall and privacy feature of Windows. Additionally disabled some stuff through Group Policy (I have a Windows11 Pro now). So one say it is a mildly trimmed down Windows installation.

Thanks for all your recommendations (y)

O&O and HiBit uninstaller takes you a long way. HiBit is an excellent free uninstaller which can uninstall programs, bloat and preinstalled W.Store apps, besides being a equal excellent general cleaner. It has a thread here at MT.

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