Q&A What security suite or product av choose . Want something whith less FP


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Apr 5, 2014
Its a good thing that most AV offer Trials 30-60-90 days.
Only way is to try the product out yourself.

@Andrew3000 IMO I would not compare ESET in the same group has AVAST, Kaspersky or BD. Low FPs are meaningless if your system is compromised.

At best its a second tier AV solution or has AV comparatives rated them a third tier product.Since it missed 18 samples and was compromised!

You may see AV-Test companies said G-data use less ram usage than Webroot :D
they just earn money & give +++ ++ ++ :D


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Apr 17, 2020
that article show us BD admins have no cost for its customers :)

about Kaspersky, its just a bug you may see in many softwares (its different from BD mistake ;) )
I mean : (the admins of BD leave users password without any Encryption ) its different from blah blah bugs...

For sure , Avast also is a rubbish why not? :D ( I have no cost for NSA Tools) they are really bad guys!

about King of FPs its very famous you may search in whole MT forum about it :D
And that article about Kaspersky is over 2 years old.