What song/album are you listening to right now?



Hey folks, the previous thread "what album are you listening to" was closed, but I felt like starting one up again with a few brief rule changes so it won't happen again. You can share one song or one album per post with a video or direct playable other share, unlike before where sometimes people would post like 10 videos in one post. If the video thumbnail image has nudity, or any kind of graphic material such as drug use, just find another video with a different image. Anyways, let me start us off again with one of my favorite peaceful, relaxing songs ever from LOTR:


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Jun 21, 2013
Wow, he can really sing! I especially like the song he sang to the king of Gondor when Faramere was attempting to retake Osgiliath.
I remember that scene. He was in Minas Tirith that time(Capital of Gondor) and he sang a song to Denethor (Steward of Gondor if I'm not mistaken). Ah, very nostalgic. Thanks bro, I'm now in the mood of rewatching LOTR and the Hobbit. I'll probably do it this weekend. :)