Should I use it for a deeper clean every Week?

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Unfortunately, not everyone knows what these registry keys do , and most of them assumed it is obsolete because this registry cleaner says so. Some of them might related to Windows functions and features or even your browser stuff. By removing those registry keys with a big " ? " on your head is a big no no for me. I learned my lesson from Advanced Systemcare in the past.
That is why, I only use registry cleaners, which I know will not remove any needed registry keys. Yes, the average user will have trouble telling if a registry key is needed or not. So here is a list of registry cleaners, which should never delete needed registry keys.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner. It's even safe to enable all the categories that are unchecked by default, except for Missing Software.
AVG TuneUp.
Kerish Doctor.
VIT Registry Fix Pro - as long as you disable Deep Scan. However, in the trial version, most times you launch it, Deep Scan will be unavailable.
Advanced SystemCare.

Just about everything else, will want to delete at least some valid registry keys.

To make it clear, you don't need to clean the registry and it very rare (but still possible) for a registry cleaner to fix issues with your computer, or make it run faster.


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What's funny about how all this registry cleaning stuff. Is that I know from personal experience years ago than it is possible for it to be helpful.

For example something went wrong during the uninstall process of an application, and when you attempt to reinstall it can't. Registry cleaner would fix the issue so that you can reinstall the application.

Edit: I'm not saying people need them but that the possibility of them being helpful is there.