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Level 20
I have used norton deluxe and eset nod32....i could not feel any difference. they are both super light
probably the lightest av's with a very good protection. Webroot is ultra light....but
that's the only good thing about it :LOL:


Level 24
I still like ESET - It's never been spectacular but solid, other AV's do better at times but it's still good. NOD32 was maybe one of the first AV's I used, I think anyway. The interface it pretty good, not sure about the android guy but he/she never seems to do any harm - 'AV-Comparatives' show ESET to be among the lightest but I have never found much difference between ESET & Kaspersky for example.


Level 25
AFAIK it can only detect them (as long as it falls within detection scope).
True. I just checked:
You receive an ESET UEFI detection

Since UEFI detections are specific to the hardware firmware that they are on, ESET cannot remove a UEFI detection. See below for possible remediation steps you can take.
  • Upgrade the firmware from your computer vendor and rescan with ESET UEFI scanner. If the UEFI detection remains, you can ask your computer vendor to update their firmware to remove the problematic detection.
  • Exclude the detection of this threat in your ESET product. If you have enabled detection of potentially unsafe applications and your computer vendor does not remove the application from its firmware, you can exclude the detection from future scans. "
Welp. So reflash the UEFI/BIOS firmware from your vendor or you're out of luck lmao.


Level 19
Hi What is the firewall helper in eav 12? I am not using windows firewall and wonder if that service of firewall helper can be disabled? I tried to disable it and says access denied. Is it helping my other firewall at all? Thks
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