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Likewise, I do not remember the names of many of the classic infections, as well as some released by opening emails (just like :eek:Pandora & her box!) but I do recall those endless pop-up ads @shukla44 mentioned earlier. Then popup blockers came to the rescue!!;):D After reading the many previous posts, it seems truly mind boggling:confused: now to realize how far we've come. The hardware, software, and the environment, they have all transformed and changed so much!:):p
Among the most annoying causes which "Once Upon a Time" brought a nearly halting effect to our Windows 95 system, slowing it to a crawl, was not (technically) even an infection so to speak,o_O but the latest version (then) of the "New":rolleyes: Internet Explorer!:oops: It took a very long time after having Explorer sink it's :eek:"tentacles" into our system (..& it was never quite the same again) to trust IE once more. Actually, I am (even now) still on the Internet Explorer "fence", lol!:D:rolleyes:
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Well,not the hardest but for sure the craziest. everytime i wanted to open the broswer a pupop with a penis picture and a song pops up and i needed to restart the pc to get something to work again. (it was a time where i do not know how to do anything for remove malware). i can remember that it was some download from youtube. dont know exactl what, most probably a cheat for a browser game. well, it was no cheat lol.


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personally the last time my pc was infected was more than a decade ago, but, one of my family members brought me her android tablet and told me that its acting funny and the there are pop-up ad's so took a look... it was infected and the malware had managed to gain root access and inject itself into the system and survive the factory reset. it was the most annoying thing i had to get rid of.


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personally for me, a FakeAV known as Windows Antivirus Pro 2008. Not on my personal PC, was on my school computer lab desktop. It would open viagra's website and open porn sites... In class. Lol the teacher was like WTF? and sees the fake av, and then starts laughing, and says disconnect from the internet, get another PC.


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UPDATE: reciently a family member brought me a PC which they said it had ransomware because files were locked. He even mentioned a ransomware name i remembered being undecryptable. As soon as i got it, and with little time, i just formatted it. When i gave it back he was like: "wow dude where are my files". I explained him ransomware encrypts all your files and leave them impossible to use. He answered "but i just couldn't access to my email account cause it said it was locked, i assumed it was ransomware cause a friend got infected". Never again trusting users words.


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My PC was infected during malware testing with TeslaCrypt v3 while testing purely HMP.A and ZAM (both Premium). Nothing crazy, thanks to ShadowDefender no harm, restoring files took some time (the cloud ones) - mostly savegames. Much wiser since then, completely moved those files to the eHDDs, too, where all the other stuff was even before.

But as the TO asked for something crazy, I've years ago disinfected a PC from a friend which got hit by some fake AV (and some other bad stuff, too).
Really nasty, of course shut down AV, blinking windows and lot's of popups. I think it even locked the TaskManager. Completely reinstalled the machine, it was totally infected and super-slow.
This is why you should always keep your system up to date, with an ad-blocker installed.