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Has Bitdefender database become a little weak compared to before?
In the past months I have seen many samples that some AV like (Kaspersky, norton and ...) detect but bitdefender can't ( Bitdefender adds these samples to database after a few days)
And it makes me dubious about using it anymore
What is your opinion?
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It's a war against the these days bitdefender loses, on another days bitdefender wins.

But my worry is...i have the feeling that more and more signatures from BD goes into the cloud, so the dual-engine-av's ( Emsisoft, Bullguard, Gdata, etc.) get more and more lower dection rate


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I'd risk it all and say that they're not betting on signatures but on improving AI and Behaviour Blocker. Signature based software today is ancient history. Even if they had the best signature database in the universe, their software would be weak against zero day malware that can be counted on thousands.


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The fact that in any single test Solution A detected something Solution B didn't is absolutely meaningless. Half an hour later all of them may be able to detect that malware... Maybe half an hour earlier none of them did.

Signatures are not the only way to evaluate an antivirus and the tendency is that it becomes even less important in the future.

Anyway if you want the best signatures, you can't go wrong with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset or Avira, for instance.
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Hello, the database is obsolete and uses cloud security of behavioral and artificial intelligence and identifies it up.
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