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For work, I'm using a Thunderbolt dock/charger combo. So basically I'm screwed, as I can not disable Thunderbolt through the BIOS.

Locking my workstation while taking a break is standard practice, but that does not stop Thunderspy. My dock does not even have to be connected. Only a full shutdown will make my system secure :confused:

Get some wise men cracking Intel! :geek::coffee::geek::coffee::geek::coffee:


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Microsoft explains how secured-core PCs mitigate Thunderspy and other attacks:
What you need to know
  • Microsoft explains how Secured-core PCs mitigate attacks like Thunderspy in a new post.
  • Thunderspy utilizes the Thunderbolt port to affect direct access memory.
  • Secure-cored PCs have Kernel direct access memory protection to protect from Thunderspy and similar attacks.

Secured-core PCs protect your data down to the hardware:
What you need to know
  • Microsoft partnered with several PC manufacturers to create Secured-core PCs.
  • These PCs protect data and devices at a hardware, firmware, and software level.
  • Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, and Microsoft all have devices that are Secured-core PCs.

Meet the most secure Windows PC: