When your sad, just have a look at Microsoft forums for a laugh


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Jul 1, 2017
Windows 10 subreddit was the reason I bought a Chromebook. Seeing so many people have the same issues I am having and Microsoft doing so little made me realize that this is the permanent state that Windows.

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Those guys don't work at Microsoft, they just copy/paste from the guidelines, this is a general problem in the industry, is the reason I don't bother contacting support anywhere.

Also have to keep in mind not everyone at Microsoft works on Windows, and even the ones that do, focus on a specific feature not the entire OS (that would be ridiculous).

So if you ask a developer who is working on Mail, what the Browser Broker is for, I doubt he'll be able to answer properly, but if you ask the Microsoft Edge Team will be a different history.

Those Forums are for casual users at most as well, there's MSDN Forum for more advanced users.


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Jul 3, 2015
Microsoft forum is mostly filled with losers and idiots. they never help you with anything but the other forum TechNet is good.
They don't help you because you are too advanced for them, you know Windows much better than the support reps do. It is a forum for people who know little or nothing, but somehow are able to follow complicated instructions and have unlimited patience for stupid tests.

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My Toshiba will not run 1903 but 19H1 works fine.I called Toshiba and spoke to MS neither of which I have support with.No one could tell me what was fixed in the insider build.This is the stuff that drives me nuts.Toshiba wanted me to pay.I said all your going to do is repeat what I have done.I did find a user on MS Communities who tried 19H1 and told me it works.


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Sep 13, 2018
Wow, this is.....brilliant. By the way, where is the "download" button? Anyone see it? Source


I dunno, he might add it later, along with a more relevant reply, lol!


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Jan 28, 2018
Wow, this is.....brilliant. By the way, where is the "download" button? Anyone see it? Source

I dunno, he might add it later, along with a more relevant reply, lol!

'Why is the laxative which was always in this month's prescription not included?'
'Yes, the laxative is in the medicine cabinet.'
... I feel that the conversation is not going well.:unsure:

btw, Malicious Software Removal Tool is often abbreviated as Malicious Tool in Japan. Sometimes I think I'm right. ;)

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