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Chromium (woolyss) stable portable
- it's basically Google chrome without resource-hogging extras: software_reporter_tool.exe (useless PUP scanner - powered by ESET), autoupdate services,... less Google's telemetry
- Use the same version as google chrome and its update is usually a few hours later than chrome, maximum 2 days
- Lighter than google chrome
- There are many options to choose: stable (same as chrome), ungoogled, dev, remove certain plugins... and it can be installed or used as portable

I don't want to use other browsers because I really like Google safe browsing and the extension support of chromium browsers
does this have chrome's sandbox?

thanks in advance. :giggle:


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Is it solid enough these days for a daily driver? I’ve been intrigued, but cautious.
There are now 2 channels/versions officially: Dev and Canary: Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

Canary Channel: Updated daily: Want to see what we were working on yesterday? Canary will be released automatically almost every night to keep you up to date on our progress.

Dev Channel: Updated weekly: Our dev builds are the best representation of our improvements in the past week. They have been tested by the Microsoft Edge team, and are generally more stable than Canary.

For now the Dev channel is the most stable available and running without any issues as my daily driver on Windows 10 (at home) and Windows 7 (at work).