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I see a discussion going on here at Wilders about the best list to use in µBO for malware and phishing protection. I wonder what method you prefer for blocking malware and phishing --> separate web filter or filter list added to extension? and why?
I use WD's SmartScreen in Edge and then I use the UBO medium mode variation described here Extension - uBlockOrigin flexible modes which seems to work pretty seamlessly for me. I think the extended lists just slow down my browsing and I'd rather just blacklist the common abused TLDs as described in that post by @Lenny_Fox


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Ideally both but prefer a minimal browser configuration. Getting rid of some un-needed and largely obsolete filter lists helps a lot, thanks to Wilders. Surprisingly, Vivaldi in Sandboxie opens in 2-3 seconds. Edge opens in 1-2 sec on here.

I replaced two of the three default malware domain filters with one import and am also using SmartScreen.
That uBlock Origin thread is awesome. A treasure-trove of good information by people with a lot of expertise. (y)


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separate web filter or filter list added to extension
I prefer DNS filtering, but if I would have to choose, I choose privacy. Web filtering extensions send URL home and even if it is encrypted (mostly not), the owner of the extension can see. Filter list checks URL offline, but I was never able to find any malware filter anyway, most block ADs, so I use only those:



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Best protection is before browser level, e.g. at DNS level.
Then the browser and browser extension need a lot less work and performance is better.

Mostly it doesn't depending on used filter lists as many just use the same or copy from other lists.
For example currently I use PiHole with 20-30 filter lists but the same can be archived with nextdns "stock" lists.

Also always use browser internal protection to be on safe side.

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Thanks to all here and at Wilders. After reading a lot, I've replaced the default malware filters with the Urlhaus online and Phishing Army filters, for a net saving of about 20,000 rules in uBO. I stopped using malware Hosts files months ago because most were poorly maintained, and troubleshooting is much easier with uBO filters.