Which free antivirus software do you recommend?

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Here's how I see the popular free Antiviruses today,

Comodo Internet Security
= Best array of features for free. HIPS, Sandbox, Firewall + endless setting options.
Qihoo = Very EFFECTIVE with multiple engines, provides top protection. Can even fix an already infected PC.
Avast = Good overall in all areas and even better with "Hardened Mode" activated.
Avira = Top signatures updated ever 2 hours. Lightest feel overall, no drag on system, even on old hardware.
AVG = Getting a lot stronger and catching many PUP's and threats of all kinds.
Bitdefender = Simple, light, minimal, boot time protection better than paid AV and top notch signatures.
Panda = Soild protection, light cloud, easy on drive and easy to use.

I could use any of these Antiviruses and enjoy their functions and added security.
Thank you for all this great information. That sure has helped me/others out quite a bit. Appreciated your knowledge in this.

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Windows Defender and Comodo Firewall.. will be a solid combo isnt it? :D
IMO users who can use Comodo FW dont need any antivirus. Comodo Cloud in CFW detects malware as full databases is in the cloud. And Comodo AV is mediocre with huge size database.

When I used CIS I always installed CFW only. And its lighter compared to full CIS too.


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I voted other.
My Protection ATM
Windows Defender ( Light and good detection with pup enabled )
Windows firewall all whats needed atm. ( in my Opinion )
Zemana Anti logger Premium
Malwarebytes anti exploit
and Zemana Premium ( great Lightweight tool with GREAT detection )


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360TS with BD, avira and PUP detection.
You maybe protected against zero day and ransomware, because its super agressive hips.
It has USB shield and works pretty good.


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As for a Windows 10 I highly recommend to stay with simple solution which is Windows Defender. It is pretty much low on memory usage and have good detection ratio (depends on malware pack which was tested, but even IRL can say that detects some stuff which ESET skipped).
For other OS I would go with multiple solutions ranging with memory usage and detections below

1) Avast Free
2) Panda Free
3) BitDefender Free
4) Avira Free
5) 360 TSE without BD Engine

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Hi, I cannot recommend avira to people anymore. It was my first choice until it messed up my girlfiend's laptop
She was playing The sims 4 and after 1-2 hours she noticed significant system slowdown. When I checked her laptop, I saw that avira was using 1.4gb of ram, which is unacceptable. I used a script to enable web shield
the bad process was avira host service if I'm not mistaken

now I choose avast free with PUP enabled + transient caching disabled (which I notice less disk i/o usage) for other people and I personally use Kaspersky IS for my laptop


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May I suggest something more unconventional approach (rather than typical antivirus)?

EXE Radar Pro + Sandboxie Free + TimeFreeze :D


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People should aware not only on the detection rates but balance components that will ensure flexibility in the detection.

Avast is one of the prime example then next is Bitdefender and AVG.

But still no problems if you will pick Avira since it contains strong detection and cloud protection.