vote for your most trusted FREE antivirus software? Why ?

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Comodo Internet Security
- They've Sandbox for free antivirus.
- They've "Virtual Kiosk" the weird interesting sandbox technology
which other free antivirus never have.
- They've Hips.
- They can use with many multiple antivirus.
- They're Flexible I can turn on/off easily useful
when I use for swap realtime/on demand with other antivirus.


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For several years it was avast until beginning with v6 it caused severe stability issues with my systems. For 2 yrs I then entrusted my PCs' security to AVG, perhaps the most maligned AV on the web. AVG was nothing short of impressive.

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My favorite at the moment, is Webroot SA; light and secure

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yes, it is ; for me only lol /joke

i missed the free part so i will go with CIS


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From the OP:

1. Four products Comodo, Roboscan, Outpost, Zonealarm are excluded from this list, as they are mainly Internet Security Suite, vote Others options
2. Immunet free excluded because only 10 options available, vote for OTHERS option
3. Paid products users vote for OTHERS option.
4. any others products users also vote for OTHERS option.
Enjoy!! :D


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Comodo isn't just Internet Security, there's the Firewall and the Antivirus, they make IS, but are different components, and you can have them separately. The AV:

And Comodo Antivirus gets my vote. However, I could vote for some other AV, or point out the interesting possibilities, but first I would have to say something else, something important: an antivirus is not enough, you will need to know how to use the fantastic product Common Sense 2013, coupled with UAC, or some HIPS/sandbox, and a firewall, even Windows' own. Comodo AV with the automatic sandboxing can really help protect you from new and unknown viruses – no AV on the list will do that by itself.

Also, Kingsoft and Baidu are different companies, with different AVs, with different engines and everything. And I'm sure Roboscan didn't have to be excluded, it comes with a firewall but it's off by default.


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It's not commonly known as an Antivirus, even though that option is available. AFAIK, it's success was promoted through it's powerful HIPS as Comodo Firewall (CFP) - version 3.*

Umbra Polaris said:
wondering why Comodo AV is not listed
(*) I was not aware about Comodo software prior to version 3. :D

Edit: I know that Comodo have previously attempted Antivirus and Antispyware before, or something (CAVS?).


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Bitdefender free, never got problem with that av. Decent detection, very good url filter and its light on resources, especially after you give it some time for first scans. Updates are every hour or even less. In terms of protection, especially free protection its very good solution. I am big fan of UnThreat free and avast 2014(its the first time i am using avast since version 4.7 back than and its really good.
Avast & Comodo (they do offer a standalone solution still??) would be my two choices. Not had much experience on the Paid side, apart from I did use (and still could from my bank for free) Kaspersky, but not tried that in a long time or the standalone AV solution... that they offer.


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I get a second vote :) If I was going for free security product it would definitely be CIS, but as thats a suite I'll have to go with Avast! The new hardened mode looks like a nice new feature.


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I'd say ESET because it is so light & good, but that isn't free so I'm going to go with CIS.

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I finally trust no AVs , it is why i use mostly my "virtualization combo" aka Sandboxie + Shadow Defender
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