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Jul 5, 2017
I have been using GoodSync for at least three years and I have no complaints with it. However, I'm always on the lookout for alternative software for file synchronization if not for any reason other than to confirm in my mind that I'm using what's optimum for me.

My main requirements are as follows:
  • Scheduled backups/synchronization
  • Backups triggered by file changes in the source directory/ies with a configurable delay before the synchronization takes place
  • Email notification about the result in each case
  • Ability to set up various jobs of files and/or folders that will be synchronized
  • Grouped tasks (jobs)
  • Versioning
  • Copy locked files
  • Security attributes propagation
  • Not expensive!
Nice to have -
  • Delta copy if possible, that is copy only the changed blocks
  • Detect file or directory moves or renames and act accordingly
I have read about AllwaySync, SyncFolders, SyncBack Pro and Viceversa as well as others that I don't recall now. I also actually used Freefilesync in the past, but in a rather different context. I consider the ones that I named as fairly good candidates or alternatives to GoodSync, but each one has its pros and cons.

My annual subscription to GoodSync is due in a couple of months and I would appreciate your views based on your experience with file synchronization.


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Apr 14, 2019
For backup and sync, I mostly use:
One Drive for documents and music; Google Drive and Google Photos for pictures and videos; Icloud for backups and synchronize Apple devices apps.

Mail, Agenda, Maps, Contacts, and Notes are synchronized on all my devices with Google.
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Mar 10, 2022
I use syncthing on both pc and server. it's portable, open source and quite symple. it continuesly syncronises the selected files and folders. I leave a few sources below, check out if you're interested:
Home page:
and this one is installible:
Hope it helps.


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Jul 5, 2022
Many backup tools (alternatives to Goodsync) are available to do these requirements, search Syncback pro, Gs Richcopy 360, and Resilio Sync.
every mentioned tool has a robust performance in backing up , many features to use, and the subscription policy is quite good than Goodsync
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Nov 20, 2021
For personal use, I use AutoSync for MEGA and Sophos Secure Workspace for G-Drive (unlimited storage) as part of components of G-Suite for Education. The main reason is that the G-Suite has Google Vault enabled.


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