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In fact, that malware was tested on VirusTotal on 2019-01-30 as the compressed file - the link is available from the VirusTotal link posted on Malware Hub in the section Relationships:
Antivirus scan for 4aed6eb0915a04062c9b0bab11fafddf1f9c0f5ec4596eec2fdf5e2d9c897a19 at 2019-01-30 03:45:58 UTC - VirusTotal
Only 5 AVs could detect it one day after malware compilation:
Avast, AVG, DrWeb, ESET-NOD32, and VBA32.

After 15 minutes, from my post someone tested the malware again, and now over thirty AVs can detect it.:giggle:
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From Zemana
Thanks @askalan for this video, Guest Additions are surely important when we deal with malware testing in a VM. I would want also to say a very interesting tip: some malware samples can recognize virtual environments (for example Virtual Machine environment or sandbox environment) and they don't start. Also, even if a malware test is performed in a virtual machine, it's always important to isolate the virtual environment from the real environment (disabling file sharing, etc.)