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The reasons for people I know to like Emsisoft varies between person but here's some of the common reasons.

1. Behavior Blocker. It's well-known that the Behavior Blocker in Emsisoft Anti-Malware is quite good.
2. Support. It's well-known that the support provided by Emsisoft is excellent. The response times are quite quick, they try to solve bug reports as soon as possible, they even have a forum where they provide free malware removal assistance (even if you aren't an existing customer).
3. Free services and not just paid. They have a free on-demand scanner which has a fast scanner and also contains theirs and the Bitdefender engine, not to mention the additions they work on for ransomware decryption utilities (for example).
4. Bloat-free protection. They focus on bare bone essentials like real-time, dynamic and web protection, no optimisation crap.

I don't really know of many disadvantages of them... I guess they don't provide a firewall anymore because Windows Firewall is usually sufficient and most firewalls among security software rely on the same technology as WF anyway (it just extends by using the technology to do things like additional/more extensive filtering) but for some people that can still seem as a disadvantage. They don't have a sandbox like Comodo or Qihoo either which could be seen as a disadvantage for those that like using a sandbox. I guess you have to look at your needs to decide if Emsisoft is right for you or not.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a good product, they provide a free 30-day trial so you can try it out and stay with them if you like them. If you don't like them then you could try something else instead. Don't use AV-C entirely to decide because the results there aren't going to be 100% 24/7, vendors have good and bad days... Emsisoft use the BD engine as well as their own anyway and they also take PUPs seriously but they let the user decide for PUP detection's or not, another advantage.

Other good products I'd say would be Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Internet Security, or even Norton products (I like SONAR).


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As long as AV scores better than 99% in malware tests and about 95% and more in realtime tests, it does not really matter, which one you pick.
Detections changes like a weather, but there are other features which can add to user's experience, like performance, an easily manageable GUI.
If I were to buy AV, Emsisoft would be my first choice, mostly because it respects user's privacy and I like, that it can lock down Windows Firewall.


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I have been using Emsisoft for about a year now. No malware, adware or viruses on my PC & I check monthly with a couple second opinion scanners. ZERO infections found! I think they Fortified Windows Firewall to make it better. Why Microslop could not do this is beyond me?

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I think they Fortified Windows Firewall to make it better. Why Microslop could not do this is beyond me?
You still need administrator rights to disable Windows Firewall, and if Microsoft don't let anyone disable it... Then they'd be labelled as not allowing usability. Not everyone wants Windows Firewall so they may disable it.

However, even though elevated attacks can do things like disable Windows Firewall, EAM now protects it against unauthorised disable attacks.

Windows is designed for an administrator to be able to overrule so when someone runs malware with admin rights then that's on them.
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Sandboxie - simple light isolator where i can separate isolate copule programs with restrictions also.
SpyShelterFW - Best HIPS with also some SRP and keylogger which make me more secure.
Shadow Defender - on 1 week was F*** freak annoying.... but when i start understand how my progrmas work and where storage settings, exclusion settings solved my problems (this softwer showed me how much i dont know yet about other progams which i installed :p )
AppGuard: do i have explaint it ? its just so aweomse but also i had problem with understand it in usage in 1st days :)

Tools: DiskPulse nice software which help me figure which program and where write data.


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I am using emisi because I like the lightness of the operation and the UI which settled in the thimble.

Support for existing customers is swift and honest. Emisi 's correspondence was very fair to the minor problem of licenses I consulted.
Beyond the superiority or inferiority of detection rate, I think that company's attitude is very important.


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I like the lightness of EMSI. Your behavior detector is not intrusive. It is compatible with other programs that I have.
He has great support. I think they handle the definitions well. The developers are very aware of the program, so it works well.
If I think it's a great Av.(y)

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Emsisoft is one of the best, no doubt

however, there are 2 problems that I can never install EAM on my current laptop, unless I upgrade the PC or emsisoft can fix these
- too high memory usage - the system crashed itself while gaming (out of memory) and forced reboot. Never happened with any other AV
- I closed EAM using the tray icon, then I started EAM after I finished playing my games, it never started. It showed error + all the shields were disabled. The only option was to reboot the PC. Tried 3 times and same thing happened. It was a known bug found in emsisoft forum, and told to be fixed => uninstalled