Question Why would you declare local variables and method arguments as "final"?

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Jan 6, 2023
The final keyword in Java is used to qualify local variables and method arguments.
public static void foo(final int x) {
  final String qwerty = "bar";
As a result, you won't be able to reassign x and qwerty in the method's body. This technique pushes your code closer to immutability, which is typically regarded as a good thing. But, as indicated in this blog, it tends to clog up code by having "final" appear everywhere. What are your thoughts on the final keyword in Java for local variables and method parameters?
The last local variables are determined by intent and, in my opinion, are less essential. It all depends on what happens.


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Apr 21, 2016
I believe using the final keyword for local variables and method arguments is a good practice because it emphasizes immutability and makes your code more reliable. When a variable is marked final, it cannot be changed, which ensures that the variable won't have unexpected value changes that may cause errors in your program. Additionally, marking a variable as final tells others who might be working with your code that the variable should not be changed. Although it may seem like it clutters up code, its benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience. Ultimately, using final for local variables and method arguments can make your code easier to read, reason about, and create more reliable software.
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