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Lets say that surely Android could expose you to certain risks, often because of a little effective control by Google during the authorization process of the app on the Play Store.

Therefore, increased access to the system API (and therefore, greater power of change, allowed to the third party applications) also means more risks if you don't have the right kind of attention.

Malware is, by definition, malicious software, and in the case of Android, then, third-party apps are programmed to steal sensitive information, display advertising, spam, encrypt your files and, depending on the aggressiveness of the same, infringing your privacy/ security in a variety of ways.

Is it therefore necessary to have a protection software for Android to stay safe?

- Yes, according to the companies that produce them....

- According to me, instead, the answer is not affirmative in all cases, because with the right care and knowledge of the risks, you could avoid a security app.
But if you think you need more security and protection, no one prevents you to install an antivirus.


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Most of us feel it is not needed but it's better to be prepared as in our day-to-day usage we might encounter a threat and at least we have the AV to kick in and do it's job of protecting us. But then again, will it kick in? That is why we should select the best and proven security for our phones, but that is another question :)


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You dont need antivirus on android, you need to keep your android smartphone up-to-date, just that (simple but not easy).

Google Play Protect
The big secret behind Google Play Protect on Android

With Play Protect I dont see the reason to install a standalone antivirus solution; if you only install apps from Play Store you are reasonable safe even without it.

Just remember that Google owns Virustotal and has massive machine learning with Bouncer.