Windows 10 Firewall Control Beta(Sphinx)

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Level 64
Apr 25, 2013
Windows 10 Firewall Control
Testing licenses
Network/Cloud VFCS07000000TEST6FF777EACDD2
Plus VFCR07000000TEST00614307916C
XP (Plus) XFCR07000000TESTBA1B48B7063A pre-release (Network/Cloud agents < 7.0 must be reinstalled/updated)
(to revert to previous <=5.3 version the deinstallаtion required)
(to upgrade 5.x Network/Cloud Edition all the agents reinstallation required. 5.x and 6.x agents are incompatible)

Plus (i386+x64):
Network/Cloud (i386+x64):
Free (i386):
Free (x64):
Free Portable :
Plus Portable:
XP Edition Plus (i386+x64):
XP Edition Free (i386+x64):
Internal storage (lists for applications/zones/etc) optimization, eliminating redundant data processing.
Minor GUI changes
XP: malfunction on specific systems. Fixed
Due to 7.0.0 setup problem ("service can not be started" error , fixed now), 7.0.0 may be removed forcibly/rudely (using task manager for instance) . Then 7.0.1 on-the-top installation can be performed.If you would just like to uninstall 7.0.0 please install 7.0.1 on-the-top first, otherwise the 7.0.0 uninstallation may be performed incorrectly
Events pane listing and Allowed events logging options. Network/Cloud: Agents must be reinstalled. Portable version: apps configuration will be renewed.
Events Pane / Connections Pane added with the DNS feature.
Allowed events missed after awakening. Fixed.
Timeouts for operations with programs listed on shared but not available at the moment devices. Fixed
Options to skip allowed events. Useful for applications with volume allowed traffic.
Option to switch Event Pane/Log File populating for selected application. Useful to prevent massive (potentially redundant) allowed event processing.
Option to manage Event Pane/Log File populating automatically. Helps to set apps with the proper allowed events processing automatically
Allowed events processing
Connections pane
Mistaken folder locking after Import/Export operations.
German manual and full new options translation pending.
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