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So where to get the ISO?
ISOs are available at https://tb.rg-adguard.net - download links are from Microsoft. I bet Heidoc will eventually catch up as well.
https://tb.rg-adguard.net/dl.php?go=cf6b84d9 is a shortened link for:


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Used the Update Assistant, it took about half an hour. Love that smeared lockscreen, NOT. Otherwise, so far, it's not too far off from 1809 which was running great on here. I prudently had the latest NVIDIA driver installed already this time. :mad: Disk Cleanup still seems to work so I'm going to reclaim 18.7 GB of space from old Windows. Winver right now is 18362.116.

Created a new installation media. Restarted the machine during Maintenance (oops) and received a blue screen. Not a BSOD, a blank blue screen. So I pressed the OFF button, already prepared to reinstall Windows, but luckily the desktop came back and all seems well. Phew!


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The test pc has been updated. A warning will appear if there is anything other than C drive, regardless of the usb connection.
This pc used Tinywall, but 1903 seems to work incorrectly.
I did not feel the benefits of the update, so I reverted to 1809 with the system image. This time, I learned how to do a major update and recovery of Windows 10.:geek::coffee: