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With Windows 10 just around the corner, we’re mighty happy to report that our award-winning Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows is now available for absolutely free for all Windows 10 users for the remainder of the Windows 10 Technical Preview program. (Which isn’t all that long, so hurry up and grab it while it’s still free!)

Easy Recovery Essentials® for Windows, for those that haven’t tried it before, is a one-click disaster recovery CD for Windows that features 100% automated diagnostics and repair for Windows PCs. It’ll automatically go through an extensive battery of tests and solve all problems as it finds them (very quickly, too!) – all you have to do is boot from an EasyRE CD or USB stick, and select the OS you want to repair.

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows 10 joins the rest of the EasyRE product family providing the following features:
  • EasyRE repairs all bootmgr, bcd, and winload.exe errors.
  • EasyRE is the only repair CD to repair EFI bootloader errors and problems with bootmfw.efi, winload.efi, and more.
  • Easy Recovery Essentials automatically finds and corrects issues with the MBR, GPT, and partition records, resolving issues with the active partition, incorrectly configured partition entries, recursive partition records, overlapping partitions, and corrupted boot headers.
  • EasyRE detects and resolves dozens of boot-time blue screens of death, and prevents many other BSODs while Windows is loading and when it is running.

Aside from the award-winning and exclusive automated repair functionality, EasyRE also presents many features useful in repairing computers and fixing problems:
  • System/registry rollback and restore
  • Offline virus scanning
  • Deleted partition recovery tools
  • Modern web browser
  • Graphical partition editor
EasyRE can be made into a bootable CD or a bootable USB, and is compatible with just about every computer (32- and 64-bit) from all manufacturers, and supports Windows XP through Windows 10, in all languages and SKUs. EasyRE is also available for servers and for computer repair technicians.

1. Click on "Download: Windows 10 Recovery ISO" on next page press ""Download Now"
2. Select Windows 10 Free! (the only one offered free) and click "Download Now"
1. Make sure Total is $0.00, provide name/email, press "Buy Now" then download link on final page. (*.ISO download is 360 MB)

Windows 10 Recovery Disc Professional Edition does not offer
• Windows Server support
• Licensed for commercial use (repair customers’ PCs)

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Free Download Easy Recovery Essentials Professional Edition for Windows 10 (Beta)

Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows Professional Edition is normally priced at $39.75 for a full version download.
With Windows 10 just around the corner, Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows is now available for absolutely free for all Windows 10 users for the remainder of the Windows 10 Technical Preview program.

How it works:
In to a working computer(with:Windows, Mac, or Linux),just visit promo page: 10 9926#buy and choose your OS as Windows 10 and start downloading the free Windows 10 Recovery ISO.

1.No payment info required.
2.Version of EasyRE you choose to download should match the Windows version on the damaged PC, not the PC you’re downloading it on.
3.Free version can only be used to repair Windows 10 pcs.


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I wonder what AV is integrated in bootable environment, probably Clamwin :D

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