Troubleshoot Windows 11 - Should I "Reset this PC" + remove everything or remove everything + wipe the drive? Or do nothing?


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Mar 29, 2018
Briefly explain your current issue(s)
A couple of assorted "missing xx.xx dlls" & "some open registry keys, etc." error messages while installing a couple of small UI tweaking apps. Otherwise Windows running fine.
Steps taken to resolve, but have been unsuccessful
Reset laptop while keeping files and still get original error message and some new ones. Maybe the issues are just some Windows bugs?
I'm trying to decide between resetting my PC "remove everything" and "remove everything and wipe drive" options. I'm not having any big problems with W11 on my cheapo laptop but I've gotten some error messages about missing dlls, open registry keys, etc. while attempting installation of some UI tweaking apps. :oops:🙄 I've already reset while keeping files but still get original errors and some new ones. I don't really need the apps I was going to install but it's bugging my inner neerd OCDC! ;):D

Since I already reset keeping files and don't need the apps, should I call it a day and do nothing? Or reset/remove everything or reset/remove everything/wipe drive? :unsure:🤔 I'm always trying to learn new skills, etc. and know some members have valuable experience to share so I want your opinion! TIA :D


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Apr 16, 2017
As you are using Aomei Backupper, so restoring to a previous image might be better. I don't trust the reset feature of Windows especially when Windows bugs are concerned, plus reset takes more time than a clean install. Either restore to an earlier image or clean install.
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Dec 7, 2021
I had a few issues a few weeks ago on this PC that had preview installed last June & many pre final fixes & did clean install - I usually insert install USB & boot from it & do clean install - Just my opinion but the less tweaking apps including O&O ShutUp I use the less issues I have if any - Clean install the only way to get rid of issues once you have them after backing up address book / licence keys etc - Of course that's just my opinion :D:D
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