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What's new in version (22.08.2015)

- New: If the profile is set to No Filtering and the user inserts a new USB drive,
the profile is automatically reverted to the previous profile to avoid unwanted
programs to automatically connect to the network/Internet.
- Improved: Added Windows Firewall service into the dependencies list of Windows
Firewall Control service to ensure that the services are started in the correct order.
This requires a clean install.
- Improved: The minimum width for the columns from Manage Rules and Connections Log
was reduced so that more columns can fit in one screen.
- Fixed: Rules defined for programs located on removable drives don't work after
removing and reconnecting the drive because the assigned id for the drive changes,
even if the drive letter remains the same. Now, the firewall state is refreshed
automatically by WFC so that the rules will work automatically.
- Fixed: Merging rules with port ranges fails to open the merge rule dialog. Nothing
happens and the user does not know what the problem is.
- Fixed: The updater hangs if the Windows Firewall Control service is stopped while
initiating the update procedure.



Excellent program for user that wants to add outbound notifications to Windows Firewall...
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