Update Windows Firewall Control

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Level 22
Jun 14, 2011
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
What's new in version (18.05.2016)

- New: Added a new button in the View section to launch Connections Log from Rules Panel
and vice versa. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab can be used to switch between these two
windows too. If one is closed, Ctrl+Tab will launch the other one.
- Improved: The list of custom authorized groups from the Security tab is now sorted
alphabetically on saving. Unsorted inserted entries will be sorted on the next reopening
of the Main Panel.
- Fixed: Connections Log can be launched from the defined hotkey even if the program
is locked with a password.
- Fixed: Clear Log confirmation dialog appears in the center of the Rules Panel window
instead of the Connections Log window.