Update Windows Firewall Control

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Level 22
Jun 14, 2011
What's new in version (27.11.2016)

- Improved: When enabling Secure Rules, if there are rules with no group names, WFC
offers the user the possibility to add them to the WFC default group name.
- Improved: Added better support for handling inbound rules with EdgeTraversal set to
"Defer to user". This affects the editing of these rules, group renaming and the
relation with Secure Rules which could not add these rules in the Unauthorized Rules
- Fixed: The rules from "mDNS" group are not recognized correctly on Windows 10.
- Fixed: The updater does not work if the previous service executable file (wfcs.exe)
does not exist on disk anymore.
- Fixed: Exception message is displayed if the service is closed and immediately the
user presses the Exit button from the tray icon.
- Updated: The user manual topics were extended.

SHA1: e3b621972058ffc4e9be72b4052ce903f362a5c5
SHA256: b95772ab93b87fca748498738455e93ed335cc779282cb9a79fb264b6954f276
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