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Aug 17, 2014

Windows Firewall Control​

This build is for WFC enthusiasts and is not yet released officially on website. I had some free time recently and I made some important changes to WFC which pave the way for future improvements, like dark theme mode, transition from NET Framework to .NET 8.0 and other features that will come.

Below is the changelog of the items included in this build:
- Improved: Replaced WCF with GRPC for inter process communication.
- Improved: Global hotkey which can toggle between Low and Medium profiles can now toggle between all profiles.
- Improved: User settings are now applied per user account. Only the settings from Security tab are still global per machine.
- Fixed: Secure Boot is not enabling High Filtering profile if wfc.exe is not running.
- Fixed: Installer does not work if there is a WCF related problem with .NET Framework installation.
- Fixed: After a failed policy import, notifications are not displayed anymore and a program restart is required to re-enable them.
- Fixed: Notification dialog becomes unresponsive if a program generates a lot of blocked connections.
- Fixed: WFC service fails to start if EventLog service is unavailable.
- Fixed: Shell Integration allows creating new firewall rules even if WFC is locked with a password.

Due to the fact that this build uses GRPC instead of WCF, the minimum required .NET Framework version is now 4.6.2 instead of 4.5.

The following language strings were updated:
310 = Toggle between filtering profiles
501 = Use the shortcuts below to launch various system utilities

Download URL (SHA256 2ad225153308bbd4d44f8b37d5461d3b3412965186f66eb65fd33354b83d2fca):

I tested this version on Windows 7, 10, 11, Server 2022, but it may be possible that some things to be missing due to the nature of the changes that I made recently.

Please take your time and try this new version and report any problem that you may find. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you for your support.
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