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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility

Thanks for keep us up to date ,Umbra.
Update my toolkit also.

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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility - Windows Repair (All in One) v1.5.4 to v1.5.8

On users machines who's "Path" variable was corrupt none of the repairs would work. To fix this I have added "set path=%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem" to all the repairs. Now on users systems with a corrupt "path" variable the repairs will still work properly :)

Removed "WwanSvc start= demand" from the windows services repair.
The program no longer defaults to the C:\ for repairs. The program now looks at the location of the Windows dir and uses the drive that Windows is on.

The "Remove Policies Set By Infections" repair wasn't working properly. The commands where deleting the Reg file before it had been applied. I added the start /wait command to the regedit. "Remove Policies Set By Infections" Now works correctly :)

Changed Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) from "stisvc start= demand" to "stisvc start= auto" in the windows services repair.

Bug Fix: I found a very odd bug where some of the repairs were not working right. All repairs run under the system account (because of the trusted installer in vista and newer). For some reason the repairs that set registry keys by a .reg file and with regedit would run but the changes wouldn't take. The fix was to have those repairs run as the logged in account. Still scratching my head on that one, but at least now they work again :-D
Bug Fix: The repair windows firewall wasn't running all the repairs needed for it. This has now been fixed.
The Reset File Permissions now skips the "Users" folder in Vista and newer and "Documents and Settings". The reason for this is in Vista and newer there is a bug where if the file permissions are changed in the user profile then Windows thinks the file is shared when it isn't and you get a shared icon on it. More information is here,69.0.html
Small code improvements.

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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility - Windows Repair (All in One) v1.7.0

Small improvements to a few repairs.
Better support when running the program through a script. I have a good amount of repair shops that use this repair tool. Some like to run the repair tool with the silent command and from a script in a bat file. The old version of the program would close any cmd.exe window before running the repairs. This of course defeated the purpose of running through a script. So I have changed the way the program waits for a repair to finish. Instead of waiting for cmd.exe to close, each repair will now make a file. When the repair is finished it will delete the file, then the program will know to move onto the next repair.
I now have the cmd.exe windows change to a gray background with black text. This way when running the program through a script you will know which cmd.exe window belongs to the windows repair :)
The program will now save any errors from the repairs into a txt file on the Windows drive in a folder. Example: "C:\Tweaking.com_Windows_Repair_Logs\" Multiple log files are made for the permission repairs. This is because the MS tool doesn't append to the log file, so a new file has to be made for each section. Since this could create a fair amount of log files I have the program cleanup any empty log files after the repairs are ran.

Program detects if you are running in safe mode and warns that some repairs may not work in safe mode.
I have also made a few changes for all repairs to run better in safe mode. No guarantees but should definitely run better in safe mode than it has before.
Per user request you can now choose to restart or shutdown the computer after repairs.
I have the repair window resized to 750 x 550 pixels (Now bigger than before). This is the max size to fit on the screen in safe mode which is normally 800 x 600.

Add ERUNT Registry backup tools. This is another option to backup the system registry before doing repairs. Also very helpful when a users system restore isn't working properly.

Major improvement for the Reset File Permissions repair. On vista and newer the repair would allow access to folders windows normally blocked. Such as "C:\ProgramData\Application Data". Normally with this folder you would get an access denied. After you ran the reset file permissions repair you could access it. The side effect was that this folder points back to the C:\ProgramData folder. So it made an endless loop! The repair now checks if your on anything newer than XP. If you are then it runs a batch of commands after the repair that puts back the deny permissions on all the folders that are supposed to be blocked. This stops that endless loop from happening. 46 folders total. :)

Per user request I have added a silent command option to the program. Set the options in the setting.ini file and run the program with /silent. The program will run in custom mode running the repairs set in the settings and then close it self. Will even reboot when done if set in the settings. (Perfect option for my fellow network admins) :)
Small code changes.

Added new repair "Repair Missing Start Menu Icons Removed By Infections" This repair will put back the missing icons in the start menu, quick launch, and desktop that are moved by a rouge virus.

Added new repair "Repair MSI (Windows Installer)"
Added exe fix (when a virus hijacks the exe section in the registry) to the "Remove Policies Set By Infections" repair.
Improved "Repair Windows Updates".
Small interface changes.


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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility

I have used this tool recently , and I have a strong recommendation ... always perform a backup before starting to revert Windows settings.... I did a Advanced repair which resulted in a black screen of death ..... not a very pleasant experience:p
Also instead of Advanced repair or Basic Repair , I would suggest that you chose Custom repair and select only the actual fix that you need!

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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility

I agree with you in all points, anyway when you start using a "repair" tool that affects some sensitive area of your system, a backup is a must-to-do, also a beginner should not have to use this kind of tools.

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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility

Improved operating system detection code. What does this mean? Some repairs need to know what version of Windows it is running run to run the correct code. The program used WMI to pull this info. But if WMI was broken it didn't pull the info. I now have it use the Windows API to pull the Windows version, and if for any reason it fails it will fall back to using WMI to pull the info.

The program is now Terminal Server Aware. When you ran the program on a Windows server that had Terminal Services installed the Windows API returned the wrong path to the windows dir. This is now fixed.

Updated the Repair Windows Firewall. It now restores the reg keys for the BFE, MPSSVC and WSCSVC services. Before it only put back the shared access service. Which in XP is all the firewall needed. But in Vista and 7 it required more services. They are now part of the repair :)

Small bug fixes to the log creation of the program.
I have removed the 3 options "Basic" "Advanced" and "Custom" before you start the repairs. Nearly all users that I have talk to, and myself included always choose custom anyways. No need for these other options and they have been removed. Should cut down on the confusion for new users on which to use.
New interface changes to the repair window in the program.
Added "Always On Top" option for the repair window.
Added a minimize button to the repair window. With the always on top option if something opens behind the window and the user needs to get to it they can now minimize the window.
Added a minimize button to the main window in the program for the heck of it :)
Code improvements.

Updated the Repair WMI to better handle the commands needed for the different version of Windows. While the WMI works great on XP, Vista and 7 it didn't work correctly on 2003 thus breaking WMI. I have added the commands need to have it run properly on 2003 :)

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RE: Windows Repair - Free repair utility - Windows Repair Change Log.

Replaced Erunt registry backup with - Registry Backup
Some new viruses have been adding programs to the Image File Execution Options in the registry. Keeping those programs from running. I have added 773 more items to the Remove Policies Set By Infections.
Added new repair "Repair Windows Snipping Tool". This will run on vista or newer and replace the reg keys needed for the snipping tool.
Added new repair "Repair .lnk (Shortcuts) File Association" This will run on vista or newer.
Updated the "Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working" to see if iTunes is running (Looks for ituneshelper.exe is running). If it is it puts the iTunes "UpperFilters" for the cd/dvd rom drive so iTunes wont give the error "Warning the registry setting used for importing CD are missing". More info here
Multiple code improvements.

Improved operating system detection code. What does this mean? Some repairs need to know what version of Windows it is running run to run the correct code. The program used WMI to pull this info. But if WMI was broken it didn't pull the info. I now have it use the Windows API to pull the Windows version, and if for any reason it fails it will fall back to using WMI to pull the info.


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Windows Repair (All In One)

If anyone wants to try this out, please do and report back.

Homepage: - Windows Repair can do the following:

Reset Registry Permissions
Reset File Permissions
Register System Files
Repair WMI
Repair Windows Firewall
Repair Internet Explorer
Repair MDAC & MS Jet
Repair Hosts File
Remove Policies Set By Infections
Repair Icons
Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
Remove Temp Files
Repair Proxy Settings
Unhide Non System Files
Repair Windows Updates
Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
and more...

Using - Windows Repair:

When you first run the program you will be introduced to 4 steps before the
repair options. These steps are highly recommend to do before attempting any

Step 1. Clean Your System Of Infections.
Trying to fix a system that is currently infected is obviously a very bad idea
and can make things worse. An infection can hijack a machine and keep part of
the repairs from running correctly. Since only part of a repair will work the
other part that failed could end up causing problems. Rule of thumb before
working on a system is to make sure it is clean. Even if you think your system
is clean doing a scan before hand is a good idea.

Step 2. Check File System
Doing a check disk on the hard drive is a good idea. This will have Windows
check the file system on the drive fixing any problem it finds. Corrupt files
can break a lot of things, including the repairs. So making sure the file system
is good is a must.

Step 3. System File Check (SFC)
The built in Windows system file checker is a tool that checks that the Windows
files are intact, the correct versions and not corrupted. This is a good idea to
do before doing repairs as if a file is corrupt and we try a repair that needs
that file then the repair will fail.

Step 4. System Restore
Doing a system restore point is a great idea to do before doing any repairs. If
any unforeseen problems happen after any repair than a system restore can put
the system back to the way it was before the repairs. This is highly

Start Repairs
In this final step you can choose between 3 modes.
Basic Mode: This will run only the most basic, safe repair options. Extra
advanced repairs are disabled.
Advanced Mode: Runs more advanced repairs while leaving a few disabled.
Custom Mode: Every repair is available. The program will remember your repair
choices the next time you choose custom mode.
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