Advice Request Windows Sandbox vs Edge Application Guard Window (which is safer ?)

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It is easy. One can know that tank is stronger than a jeep without driving any of them. The most important thing here is knowing the advantage of Hyper-V over kernel solutions. :)
Anyway, I used Sandboxie for years (on very advanced settings) and I use/test Hyper-V solutions, so in my opinion, any of them can protect well at home. Sandboxie is probably more usable.(y)
The OP asked you and others to tell them how secure it is. You can't answer that question because you don't know. Nobody really does, because nobody bothers to pentest Sandboxie. Sandboxie is basically an abandoned project and just because 1 guy keeps it functional does not mean it works and protects as it once did.

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Dec 23, 2014
The OP asked you and others to tell them how secure it is. You can't answer that question because you don't know.

The OP did not ask about Sandboxie, so let's do not continue this topic too long.

If one assumes that the security application has to be maintained by a very reputable security vendor (big company) and the pentesting reports have to be published frequently, then Sandboxie cannot be recommended. The same is true for many security solutions discussed on MT and made by small vendors, including my applications (although I pentest them constantly).

But, Sandboxie started as a one-man project and practically was a one-man project when maintained by Sophos.
Its reputation is based on the opinions of users who used it, pentested it (like me), and still use it. This can be an insufficient reason for you, but not for many others.
If you have carefully read my posts, I mentioned that my opinion is limited to the home environment. One of the reasons for the Sandboxie efficiency at home is that no one bothers to bypass it (it is not so popular). I do not think that Sandboxie design is suited to businesses.

If I have heard about security issues related to Sandboxie, I would mention it in my post.
If you know the concrete security issues of Sandboxie you probably should share them with us in another thread (the discussion can be long and unrelated to this thread).(y)
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