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hi, I have the same problem with SEP some days ago and, this particulary windows defender update.
I just remove SEP, reboot my computer, open windows defender and click in "manual" definition update.
after some time this problem was resolved :)
try do this and share the solution with me, if possible:)


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I did try uninstalling SEP several times & the problem is resolved.
Googled the error, it seems many people are facing the same but still can't find a proper way to fix..


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Open the Run command and Paste (Ctrl+V):
"C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe" -SignatureUpdate -MMPC
If the command prompt disappears immediately, Windows Defender has been disabled.

By default, Windows Defender automatically deactivates when another Antivirus is installed.

It could be that WD didn't get completely disabled, or there was a pending Definition update during the install/upgrade of SEP.

Disabling Defender in Windows 10 New Ver 1511 | Symantec Connect

Windows defender and SEP 11Ru7Mp2 together | Symantec Connect

Do you want to use Windows Defender and SEP together?

If you get that Error for other Updates, then you may need to Repair Windows Updates, using the Troubleshooting tool.
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