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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just signed up 2 days ago and the 50GB account requires you to Tweet something about Windscribe on a Twitter account with >3 followers on it. Has this been changed?
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Am I correct in thinking this offer is not the same as their previous 50GB per month for a year giveaways earlier in the year, but is just 50GB in total?

For those of us who already have one of those earlier 50GB per month giveaways as I do, is there any point in having this one too?


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Just downloaded and installed. Thanks

BTW, I was testing a while a go and I got this result. Using GRC Shields UP

With VPN OFF and my Comodo FW ON it stealth ALL the ports

With VPN ON and my Comodo FW ON it opens FTP, SSH, HTTP, IMAP & HTTPS. Is this normal? Does that means the ports on my Comodo FW are no more stealth?

Thanks again

Note:- OK answer found for above questions.
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Get 50GB Free Usage for Windscribe VPN - 100% Discount

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Email Confirmation (pre-voucher code) - works either way.

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Confirmation of 50GB Promo (voucher code applied)

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Chrome extension - 2GB | 10GB (w/ email) | 50GB (w/ code)

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I may start using this on my VM :)
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