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  • No logs stored. "We do not store connection logs, IP timestamps, or sites you visit (we are firm believer that one's browsing history should be taken to one's grave)."
  • Based out of Ontario, CA, which has no data retention directives that apply to VPN companies.
  • You will receive your license within 48-hours of purchase. To redeem, head over to the signup form: Sign Up for Free - Windscribe choose any option, and enter the Voucher code during the signup. Alternatively if you already have an existing account, just login on Windscribe.com and click "Claim Voucher" button. Your Voucher Code will appear on your Shipping Confirmation Email in the "Shipping With" Section.


Level 23
What do you mean , Can I get it for even less than this price ? WOW
Before this promotion, there was another Windscribe Lifetime which is $39.20. Then stacksocial came in with $49.99.
Hence this current promotion is $29+ Which is considerably cheaper by $10 approximately.


Level 19
Content Creator
Windscribe is a bit slow for me and its Firefox extension is infuratingly broken. Many times when I launch bookmark or link the tab opens blank and the address bar resets when the extension is active. Even manually entering a weblink often fails and must be re-entered several times before it loads. I now copy manually entered links to clipboard to avoid re-entering with each failed load. I don't see this on Chrome. This has been going on for 2-3 months. Losing faith in this service.