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I have used WinPatrol plus and WAR for a number of years but have seen no updates since about a year, no new twitter posts, no blog posts in over a year and a half. Support has also not responded to many users email requests

The last known communication with Brett Lowery of WinPatrol was when he discussed how Microsofts new Controlled Folders release would impact his WAR AntiRansomWare product. In fact, he stated "My assumption is that in 5 years’ time Microsoft will have put many AV companies out of business or force them to diversify. The writing is clearly on the wall now"

It had been noted they introduced returning fees instead of a one-time payment, then failing that offered lifetime licences but it perhaps has not worked out to make enough profit for them. I'm dubious as to whether we'll see another update on any of their products in the foreseeable future, if at all. I still find WinPatrol a useful program and excellent startup manager, and yet one would be concerned with no updates in over a year and especially if the program is no longer going to continue to be supported?

In addition to wondering whether it is worth continuing with WinPatrol in light of the above, I have also noted that with my WInPatrol there is a very quick CPU spike in the range of 10%, give or take, every few minutes. The spike does not last more than a few seconds and has no effect on the responsiveness of any other processes, but this spike happens continuously.

I would be interested to hear what other WinPatrol users or forum members have to say and whether the program is worth persevering with or if WinPatrol should be disabled.

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Also, some time ago I used Win Patrol but for some time (maybe a year or even two years) I do not use because there is no update for this software.
I think that this program is no longer developed, which is a pity, because the program was not even good.
it has not really lived to our times.:cry:
Interesting thread, I removed it a couple of months ago as it seemed not to be working as it once did. Pity it was a good program but fell by the wayside, a little like me :)
It is a pity Music4Ever, because I really like the product but I have noticed it also being erractic recently, and with no updates to correct any problems and no continuing support to ask for help, I feel that maybe it's probably in my best interest to remove it as well.


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I was using WAR but uninstalled it some months back.
Here is what they say about support. Sounds like a joke now from this thread?

What you get for your money

  • US Based technical support who has direct access to our developers to ensure questions get answered.
  • Customers rate our technical support 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Hands-on support when required, including remote sessions if needed.
  • Regular updates.
  • The most effective AntiRansom product on the market.
  • Support from a company that actually answers emails and support requests in a timely and personal manner.
  • Software from a company that understands we are all people and treats you like a person, not a number.
  • Rapid response to any bugs and/or issues.
  • A commitment to quality.
  • AntiMalware, AntiRansomware and Zero-Day threat protection that really works! "


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When the original developer (Bill) got sick and elected to sell WinPatrol, I knew that it was probably over. That the lifetime licenses that I had would only be useful for a little while longer.

And sure enough, Brett (new developer) effectively turned WinPatrol into a pump-and-dump operation. 'Pump-and-dump' is an expression when products are hard sold, and then sometimes they become worthless. There are many stock brokerage firms that engage in pump-and-dump, pushing a stock hard, and then the stock ends up worthless.... but the stockbrokers made a nice commission. And they don't care that you lost everything.

Brett pretty quickly came out with WinPrivacy. It was hyped.... 'lifetime licenses' were put on sale, and a bunch of people at Wilder's bought it.

It was obvious to me that WinPrivacy should have just been a new module for WinPatrol -- and that WinPatrol was no longer going to be developed in any serious way.

Later the name was changed to WinPatrol Firewall.... as that might sell more licenses..

And then.... WinPatrol WAR came out. Brett got super lucky when WAR got some positive press (even though it had lots of false positives). And he pumped it and pumped it.... until people started to catch on that the product was not that great.... and he couldn't make much more money out of it.

And the products were DUMPED.

Bret's like the conman who stole your money, and then leaves town to never be seen again..

And like the true pump-and-dump that WinPatrol now is.... the website is still up full of hype, appearing as though the products are current... collecting money from anybody who does not know better..


Bret Lowry is a scummy scammy pump-and-dumper.
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@Burrito It's very sad but that sums up exactly what I suspected was going on regarding the WinPatrol products. I bought mine 3 years ago, and I was dubious about the recent rebranding of the products that I waited a long while before my suspicions were confirmed that I declined to pay for supposed upgrades, I guess this is a lesson to all of us to make sure we pay close attention to a product and the company that sells it to look out for telltale signs of a decline in a product and a similar case of pump and dump. It's sad that people do those things and I feel sorry for the people that shelled out hard cash for those dumped products.
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Scotty (Bill Pytlovany's WinPatrol IDS) protected my machines since XP, but yes 'It's dead JIM' (#8).
Even though Brett Lowry did make some changes up till May 7, 2017, it didn't work like it used to ...
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I had been using WP since my teens (my Father bought it for me) and always wanted Scotty to be sitting in the taskbar. I found that the Startup Manager was excellent, and the alerts for applications that requested autostart functionality to be quite important. There also was alerts for newly installed applications trying to change the default method of opening up a file type to itself- which was actually more informative than essential.

Other than that, I don't remember Scotty barking about anything else. Yes, there were indeed tweaks that could be made to increase sensitivity, but with other primary protection modalities in place making these changes would be both time consuming and ultimately redundant.

Sadly this year I found that WP was causing an important Win10 update not to be installed- so I felt it was finally time to euthanize that Pesky Pup on my system.

In the Words of the Immortal Bard (kind of):

"Alas! poor Scotty! I knew him Horatio. An application of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy..."


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Scotty (Bill Pytlovany's WinPatrol IDS) protected my machines since XP, but yes 'It's dead JIM' (#8).
Even though Brett Lowry did make some changes up till May 7, 2017, it didn't work like it used to ...
Brett leveraged the WinPatrol name to pawn off his shoddy software. I was gullible enough to take the bait. I soon discovered that more frustration than good came from his softwares, and that his forum was overrun by fanboi sockpuppets.

As a former teen queen stated, even the venerable WinPatrol offered little more than curiosity. A few harmless barks, but no bites. But even that dog has died.

Revo and registry sweeps have purged this vermin from my machines.

I don't know how to respond when I hear those clinging to these programs with their accolades, and so I don't. I'm reminded of those souls who still dote over memories of their long departed high school sweethearts.
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