WinRAR 6.01


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Aug 17, 2014
Version 6.01

1. Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut selects the entire text in WinRAR comment

2. If -idn switch is used together with -t or -df in console RAR
when archiving, it additionally disables "Deleting <filename>"
or "Testing <filename>" messages, normally issued by these switches.

Also -idn disables folder creation messages when extracting
a file to non-existing folder.

3. WinRAR and ZIP SFX module refuse to extract contents of ZIP SFX
archives if ZIP central directory is resided after beginning
of Authenticode digital signature. It is done to prevent possible
attacks with inclusion of ZIP archive into signature body.

4. Bugs fixed:

a) "Convert archives" command could incorrectly convert Unicode
comments in RAR archives.

b) if two archive information windows had been opened from Explorer
context menu, the compression ratio bar in the first window
could erroneously display a value for second archive.

It did not affect the ratio and other text details at the right
of window. Only the vertical bar at the left could be updated
to a wrong value;

c) if "Wait if other WinRAR copies are active" option was enabled
in extraction dialog, "Waiting for another WinRAR copy" title
was not set in command progress window while waiting;

d) when extracting a symbolic link, previous versions did not
overwrite existing symbolic links even if user requested it
in overwrite prompt.
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