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Sep 29, 2011

I dont know if this is insane....

I have seen many youtube videos where Rasberry pi is used to convert wired printer to wireless. However, drawback of this is, router / wireless network is a must for printing wirelessly.

I was wondering, if below is possible:

1. I have HP deskjet 3545 (Wireless) which is not usable anymore. However the PCB is working fine. I have removed PCB with wireless module, display panel and power adapter.
2. Is it possible to connect wireless module of HP 3545 externally with HP inktank 310 through USB so that I can print wirelessly.

PCB Model for HP3545 is A9T80-80042 B

Below is a basic flowchart for easy understanding.

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Nov 19, 2012
I think the PCB will not recognize the new printer, the companies make sure that parts from one model cannot be used on another model even if they are same.
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