Q&A WizTree 3.36 - Does it "phone home"?


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Mar 24, 2016
Hi!, not sure if my title is accurate or maybe too "click-bait", but I need help on this, well not really help but more of a request.

Version 3.36 of WizTree was released not to long ago, and for me this version "phones home" (firewall will ask you if you want to allow "some" connection) despite having all kind of options in WizTree like "check for updates" turned off. Previous versions like 3.35 do not have this issue.

I can reproduce this but the developer cannot, can others chime in here and tell me if their firewall does the same? If others get similar results it could help the developer fix the issue or just prove that I'm crazy!

This is going to be an obviously question towards those here who have a super tight firewall already and don't just allow random outbound connections without a rule, so basically everyone. :)

And for what it's worth I use the portable x64 version.

EDIT: Oh and a screenshot of the connection/pop-up you get (if you get) would be most helpful!
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Apr 14, 2019
I don't use WizTree but use WizFile. I unchecked " check for updates" and disabled outbound connections for WizFile.exe and WizFile64.exe. Just to get more privacy: had no issues with WizFile. They don't update very often: maybe once in a year. Sumo will tell me when it's time to do that.....

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May 13, 2017
  • Digital signature verification method changed as previous Windows API method (WinVerifyTrust) would trigger unwanted Internet access if required digital certificates were not already installed on the PC
Technically, I would not call it unwanted. It checks, if the digital signature is still valid, so UAC connects now instead.