WORK Cryptomix Ransomware Variant Released


MalwareTips Staff
Jul 22, 2014
Today, BleepingComputer discovered a new variant of the CryptoMix ransomware that appends the .WORK extension to encrypted files and changes the contact emails used by the ransomware.

In this article I will provide a brief summary of any changes that have occurred in this new variant. As we are always looking for weaknesses, if you are a victim of this variant and decide to pay the ransom, please send us the decryptor so we can take a look at it. You can also discuss or receive support for Cryptomix ransomware infections in our dedicated Cryptomix Help & Support Topic.

Changes in the WORK Cryptomix Ransomware Variant
While the encryption methods stay the same in this variant, there have been some slight differences. The ransom note is still named _HELP_INSTRUCTION.TXT, but now uses the,,,, and emails for a victim to contact for payment information.